Taking time to celebrate our Mum's.

With Mother's Day just round the corner it's a special time to think about our Mum's. I'm not sure if it's age, or if it's now having children of my own - but over the year's Mum just keeps on getting more precious to me. 

Getting to spend two weeks, just Mum and I last December in India was a fabulous. Mum was the best travel companion and daughter could ask for. When I got a migraine, it was Mum who took over. When I couldn't be understood on the phone, guess who saved the day? When I needed a giggle, guess who gave me one. And, guess who put up with the tired, crabby version that only Mother's will love?! I guess we always need our Mum's. 

Who else would be interested in looking and talking fabric for two weeks solid... only Mum!

Look out for our Mother's Day Facebook competition here, to win a throw for your beautiful Mum. Happy Mother's Day! Starts Monday April 30th, drawn Monday April 7th.