Everything to Know About the Dual Battery Kit

The electrical system of a 4WD can get a beating as you venture on an exciting off-road adventure. A reliable power supply is essential for powering up all your 4WD accessories and auxiliary gear.

The dual battery kit plays an important role when it comes to providing a reliable power supply to all your accessories without draining the starter battery of the vehicle. A dead battery while navigating all types of rugged terrain is the least of your worries with the installation of a dual battery kit.

The use of a secondary battery other than the starter battery is what the dual battery kit is all about. The dual battery kit functions as two separate systems, one for the vehicle’s engine with the second one for powering gadgets and accessories.

Providing continuous power to accessories such as winches, lights, fridges, and phones is the sole function of the secondary battery. Ensuring the independent function of each battery is ensured by the inclusion of an isolator. The function of the isolator is to prevent draining the power of the starting battery.

Considered a staple among 4×4 owners, the essential function of the dual battery kit is to provide peace of mind while enjoying an exhilarating off-the-road adventure.


The Essential Parts of a Dual Battery Kit


One of the crucial investments for any 4×4 owner is the dual battery kit. The essential parts of a dual battery kit include:


The starting battery

The starting or the main battery provides the initial power burst to crank the engine to run the vehicle. Keeping the main battery isolated from the electrical system of the vehicle prevents it from running out of power.


The secondary battery

Known as the auxiliary battery, the secondary battery’s main function is to power up all additional accessories and equipment. The battery often uses deep-cycle battery power, enabling it to efficiently handle multiple discharging and charging cycles for a long time.


A VSR or voltage-sensitive relay or an isolator

The device known as an isolator ensures that the secondary battery is charged when the alternator charges the main battery while the engine is running. Draining of both batteries is prevented when the isolator disconnects when the engine is turned off.


The Alternator

Charging both batteries is the important responsibility of the alternator. However, upgrading to a higher output alternator is needed when you want to keep both batteries fully charged at all times.


A dual-battery monitor

A dual battery is not considered a part of the dual battery kit. However, it is an important accessory for 4WD owners with dual battery kits. Opting for this accessory allows the owner to conveniently check the voltage levels of the dual batteries. This action allows the user to become aware of the power levels of both batteries at all times.


How to Choose the Right Dual Battery Kit


Several factors come into play when considering a dual battery kit installation. This includes:


Your budget

The wide variety of dual battery kits on the market provides 4WD owners opportunities from affordable ones to the most advanced and expensive models. Exploring their functions allows you to decide on the one that fits your budget.


The Battery Type

Auxiliary batteries come in a wide variety of designs, materials, benefits, and features. Lithium batteries are considered the best, yet the most expensive of them all.


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